Artistic & Drought Tolerant Design from a Certified Nursery ProArtistic & Drought Tolerant Design from a Certified Nursery Pro

WaterWise Landscapes provides customized landscape design services to residential and commercial clients in Los Angeles County. As designers and landscape architects, we not only create breathtakingly beautiful gardens, but also provide targeted maintenance services that maintain the beauty of your new landscape.

Xeriscaping is landscaping that conserves water and protects the environment. With emergency drought conditions persisting throughout California, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted an emergency regulation requiring an immediate 25 percent reduction in overall potable urban water use statewide in accordance with Gov. Jerry Brown’s April 1 Executive Order. The Order required, for the first time in the state’s history, mandatory conservation for all residents and directed several state agencies, including the State Water Board, to take immediate action to safeguard the state’s remaining potable urban water supplies in preparation for a possible fifth year of drought.

We install designs that emphasize plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate, and care is taken to avoid losing water to evaporation and run-off. Many of the plants we specify are California natives which need significantly less winter water.


These new restrictions also prohibit

  • Using potable water to wash sidewalks and driveways
  • Allowing runoff when irrigating with potable water
  • Using hoses with no automatic shutoff nozzles to wash cars
  • Using potable water in decorative water features that do not recirculate the water

  • Irrigating outdoors during and within 48 hours following measurable rainfall
  • Restaurants serving water to their customers unless the customer requests it
  • Hotels and motels must offer their guests the option to not have their linens and towels laundered daily


  • Drip Irrigation Systems
  • 12v Lighting
  • Privacy Fencing
  • Tree Trimming & Removal
  • Integrated Pest Management Evaluations

  • Home Sale Staging (Exterior & Interior)
  • Hardscapes
  • Concrete
  • Landscape Assessments
  • Pergola & Gazebo’s Arbors

  • Living Privacy Screens
  • Pergola
  • Arbors
  • Wrought Iron
  • River Rock Fencing

  • Flagstone Pathways
  • Water Features


Do you have issues with your garden? Have plants that are underperforming? Perhaps you just moved in and need to identify what’s been planted? We can help You may not be ready to start the design process. Perhaps you just need an honest, reliable assessment of your landscape and its’ potential. Making the most of your landscape requires assessing the area in its current state. With our assessment, you get a thorough evaluation of what concerns you; your current plant inventory, soil pH, texture & nutrients; problem plants, irrigation issues—almost anything in the landscape!
You choose how in depth we go the following vital concerns


An audit could discover a leak in an existing grass or drip irrigation systems saving you substantial money $$.

Landscape DesignLandscape Design

A water wise landscape does not need to look like the Mojave Desert! There are many beautiful, colorful drought tolerant plants that thrive naturally in California’s Mediterranean climate. These plants in particular are often the centerpieces of our landscape designs.


Your new landscape is not just about plant selection and location. may include any of the following:

Plant InstallationPlant Installation

Depending on the size of the project, your project could be installed in a day or two. We use drought-tolerant grass replacement, ground covers, annuals, and perennials. These come in cell packs and one, five or 15-gallon containers. The larger specimen plants arrive in  24 inch, 36 inch and 48 inch boxes and require special handling.

Plant SelectionPlant Selection

Look through our “Top 100” plant palette and you will see plenty of color and texture and diversity. It does not have to be all succulents and cacti! When necessary, we create a hand-drawn or computer-assisted layout of the property. We place “like-minded” plants together; sun-loving plants out in the open with shade plants where they will thrive.

Landscape AssessmentsLandscape Assessments

You may not be ready to start the design process. Perhaps you just need an honest, reliable assessment of your landscape and its’ potential. Making the most of your landscape requires assessing the area in its current state. With our assessment, you get a thorough evaluation of your current plant inventory and covers the following vital concerns:


Hardscape consists of the inanimate elements of landscaping, especially masonry work or woodwork. Stone walls, concrete or brick patios, tile paths, wooden decks, pergola’s and wooden arbors. Even big, bright ceramic pottery is considered part of the hardscape.  Water fountains and koi ponds get a bit of a bad rap in a drought environment. They do not consume that much water, especially positioned in the shade. And they provide needed hydration for birds, squirrels and other critters.

Irrigation SystemsIrrigation Systems

Existing irrigation systems need to be seasonally adjusted and modified as you change your landscape to more drought tolerant plant varieties. Call us to install “Smart Controllers” — they really are very clever and make your gardening success more predictable.

Soil AnalysisSoil Analysis

When needed, we will send a soil sample from your landscape to a registered soil lab and have it tested for pH and nutritional content.

Care and MaintenanceCare and Maintenance

Aside from the design and installing plants, we also provide proper maintenance services for drought-tolerant plants and ground covers. Our other maintenance processes include mulching, pruning, plant relocation, fertilizing, and re-setting irrigation systems.

Gray Water For the GardenGray Water For the Garden

We will evaluate the options available at your home using the gray water you would normally send to the Pacific Ocean.

Drought ToleranceDrought Tolerance

Refers to the degree to which a plant is adapted to arid or drought conditions. While drought tolerance is an important consideration in plant selection, we try to help you find the right balance with water wise species that look great in your yard.


Mulch is material applied to the surface of an area of soil and used to retain and conserve soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, improve the fertility and texture of the soil and looks great. Mulch is applied at least two inches or more deep. Your mulch could be something quite permanent like polished Mexican pebbles, gravel or DG (Decomposed Granite). Along with cocoa or nutshells, bark chips of every size may be the most popular.